How often have you wanted to try a jump, or rail, thought about learning to skate or how to surf? Our philosophy at X-Ten Academy is that anyone of any age can be a freerider. Our oldest regular training rider is 52 and he, not long ago, landed his first backflip on snow on a snowboard! You are never too old. We are here to show you how to become a better rider, be more confident and show you just how much fun you can have on the snow, the street or in the water.

Our unique programmes are tailor-made to you. We understand the stresses of responsibility and life, so will design your programme to your ability and your schedule. There is no commitment, you can train with us once or every week. Check out our 5 different programmes and find one that suits you.

April 30 – September 28 (Term time only)



Coaching: Supervised not coached                                                                                         Time: Sat/Sun 2-4pm                                                                                                                   Cost: $15 1 hour /$20 2 hours                                                                                    Requirements: Completion of Induction Class, 3 Coached Classes or $45 first session* (*including safety briefing, 2 hour session & voucher for coached class)

Booking: Not required, just rock up

Winter PROGRAMME – all  sports

Coaching: Fully coached                                                                                                             Time: 6:00 – 7:30pm Wednesdays                                                                                               Cost: $25 per session  (Pay as you go)                                                                                                  Requirements: None

Booking: Not required, just rock up

 Winter Sundown sessions – All Sports

Every Thursday 6:30pm – 9:30pm (starting soon)

Join us for our legendary Sundown Sessions. Each week the following goes down:

  • A different food truck rolls up to provide yummy food
  • Coffee is flowing in the Espresso Bar
  • The Stage is set-up for open mic night, so bring your instrument
  • Edits are cranking in the Lecture Theatre
  • Tramps are going off in the gym

Coaching: Supervised not coached

Requirements: None

Cost: All for only $20 (free if you’re not using the tramps so bring your friends) Booking: Not required, just rock up

2 day Intensive ON-Snow Clinic – Ski/snowboard

Wednesday & Sunday

One intensive Wednesday Session inside in our X-Ten Gym base  – 6:00pm – 7:30pm
PLUS                                                                                                                                                 One intensive Sunday Session outside, on-snow – 8:45am – 2:30pm

Cost: TBC for 2018                                                                                                                     Requirements:  No Induction Class requires, confident intermediate on-piste skills.                                                                                                                            Book: Instore

All Season Lesson PROGRAMME – Surf/skate/gym/Parkour

You will be given your own coach to work with you in the Surf (Brighton or Sumner), on the Skate Ramp or in the Gym on the trampolines. Times will be arranged around you and availability of coaches. Surfboard/Skateboard hire is included in the price.

Cost: $50 an hour (private lesson)
$40 per person per hour (2-5 people)                                                                    Booking: Please call or email to arrange bookings

Note: 2 hour minimum for outside sessions
Wetsuit required for surf clinic



Clinic 1 – TBC (Ski)                                                                                                                        Clinic 2 – TBC (Snowboard)                                                                                                         Clinic 3 -TBC (Ski & Snowboard)

A TYPICAL DAY on-snow:

8:45am –  Meet in cafe and rider briefing
9:00am – Warm-up and goals
9:15am – Technique clinics
10:45am – Break and regroup
11:15am – Off-Piste Clinic
12:15pm – Lunch
12:45pm – Freestyle session
14:30pm – Day end