At X-Ten Academy we are very lucky to have such a strong coaching staff and coaching programme. All our coaches have a passion for learning, sport, coaching and the environment they live in. All are highly qualified, safe and with a lot of experience as coaches and successful riders they ensure the Academy is run with the highest level of professionalism, high safety standards and more fun than you could poke a stick at. The success of the programme is their ability to combine sport, environment, body and mind coupled with fun and a high work ethic. All are creative individuals, love creating art and being deamons on the guitar, music is never far away either. Join us and realise your dreams.


Coach of: Ski, Snowboard, Surf, Skate, Wakeboard, Windsurf, Kitesurf, SUP, Gym
Country of Origin: NZ via US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, UK
Coaching Level: Lead/Examiner/Trainer
Profile: Having grown up as a ski and snowboard racer, windsurf racer and competitive gymnast Andy naturally found his way to freestyle, branching out into other adrenaline sports. Having been trained in Canada, now as the Head Coach of X-Ten Academy he is passing on his years of knowledge, while still actively competing in all the above sports. Having proven success as a coach and a rider over the past years, coupled with strong leadership Andy is able to lay the foundation needed for any rider to succeed.


                                                                                                      Coach of: Ski
County of Origin: Korea via US
Coaching Level: Lead/Examiner/Trainer
Profile: We are very lucky to have a coach the caliber of Meehyun aka Jackie aka Danger. Ranked in the top 10 in the World and having just competed at the Olympics in South Korea, Jackie is definitely world class. A patient, enthusiatic and determined coach, Jackie will make sure you reach all your goals


Coach of: Ski, Skate, Surf, Gym
Country of Origin: NZ
Coaching Level: Lead/Trainer
Profile: Tom has been with us from the beginning. He has progressed from a young rookie into a world-class rider and now is one of our top coaches. Tom is currently studying to be a teacher so brings with him a wealth of knowledge on and off the snow.


Coach of: Ski, Skate, Surf, Gym, Wakeboard
Country of Origin: NZ
Coaching Level: Lead
Profile: In his third year with us Tim has grown into a great coach, he is analytical, relaxed and instills confidence in every rider. Also a world-class skier with his own unique style he is an integral member of our coaching team.



Eli Wollaston – Head Junior Coach

Coach of: Snowboard, Gym, Skate, Surf

Coaching Level: Level 3
Profile: With his high energy and no fear approach to freestyle Eli definitely brings colour, style and head turning tricks, along with his knowledge in safety and first aid. Being an accomplished competitor with a steely, physical and highly technical approach he is certainly one to keep his sports progressing. Eli and his bubbly personality is also bringing a lot of new-schoolers to the programme and one they all look up to.

RUBY Mcnab

Coach of: Snowboard, Gym, Surf

Coaching Level: Level 2
Profile: After a big season in NZ Ruby has burst into the Elite Team . This determined young woman has been laying down great rail sections, back flips, front flips and is dialing her corks. Watch out for big moves from Ruby up the mountain and in the water this season!



Senior Coach – NICK YUKI


Coach of: Snowboard, Surf, Skate, Gym
Country of Origin: United States (California)
Coaching Level: Lead/Trainer
Profile: Ever wondered what you’d get if you crossed an energizer bunny, a ninja and Dennis The Menace? Well whatever you get, put a huge smile on it and add a truck load of enthusiasm and you have Coach Nick. Growing up on the beach at Malibu, having Mammoth as his playground and being a California State Lifeguard Nick is the perfect Lead Coach for X-Ten Academy. Nick, like Andy, has a very strong coaching background and brings a huge wealth of knowledge. He will make sure all riders reach their goals through hard work and good technique, all while having a boat load of fun. 

Senior Coach – Kay Decasper

Coach of: Ski

Country of Origin: Switzerland
Coaching Level: Lead/Examiner/Trainer
Profile: Kay is a freestyler in the purest sense of the word. Free the mind and let your body take you to heights it never thought possible. Kay is a highly educated, highly skilled, creative individual that has an incredible ability to get the best out of every athlete. As a very successful athlete Kay knows what it takes to reach the top.

Senior Coach – Pridiik Vesi

Coach of: Snowboard, Skate

Country of Origin: Estonia
Coaching Level: Lead
Profile:  Pridiik is another internationally renowned coach, as part of the Finnish freestyle coaching staff we are very lucky to have Pridiik on our roster. Also being a ski jumper he brings a wealth of knowledge in getting you up soaring.

Admin Guru – talya willson

Profile: Hailing from exotic Hawkes Bay, Talya is our Guru of everything organised. All bookings, paperwork and general organisational questions will go through her. Not only is she our most organised member of the team she is also our lead designer. Our logos, websites and brand developments are all down to her.


Coach of: Snowboard, Gym
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Coaching Level: Lead/Trainer/Examiner
Profile: Liz is one of New Zealand’s most respected snowboard coaches. A stickler for good technique with a multitude of exercises Liz ensures all riders will progress without fail. She has a no nonsense, enthusiastic approach to her riding which lifts all riders around her.  Although Liz is taking time to raise daughter Ripley, we are lucky to have Liz on board as a special coach and behind the scenes coaching consultant.

Senior Coach – Hannah Ashton

Coach of: Snowboard, Gym
Country of Origin: NZ
Coaching Level: Level 4
Profile: One of the old hats at X-Ten Academy, Hannah is a determined rider who is one to really look out for. Up the mountain Hannah is guaranteed to be charging hard and pushing NZ Snowboarding to its limits.


RONAN allbon

Coach of: Gym
Coaching Level: Level 1
Profile: Fresh from a killer season up the mountain Ronan immediately impresses with the sheer amplitude and steeze of all his tricks. This gangster is throwing the stylyist tricks around. Watch out for his quick wit and energizer bunny energy. 

BAXTER Williams

Coach of: Ski, Gym
Coaching Level: Level 1
Profile: Baxter, otherwise known as Dex, is one of our newest coaches. Having progressed through our ranks over the past couple of years Dex brings a keen eye for detail, a good work ethic and a calmness to our coaching staff. 

BEN hickey

Coach of: Skate, Surf, Gym
Coaching Level: Level 1
Profile: Ben the enforcer is the bruiser of the staff. Ben is known for taking some pretty tough knocks but always bounces back ready for round two. Prepared to put his body on the line he can achieve some pretty awesome tricks. A deamon on a skateboard Ben dominates any ramp he comes across.