Creating shredders who can participate in a variety of outdoor sports, who respect and understand the environment and can express themselves in as many ways AS possible.


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Welcome to X-Ten Summer Academy; your community, your team, your adventure. We are so lucky to live in Canterbury, each of us has a complete playground at our doorstep. Each day we wake up to waves rolling in, wind blowing, skateparks, rivers, lakes, mountains, tracks, trails and an environment where the options for play are endless. What we aim to achieve at X-Ten Academy is a community of shredders who understand, appreciate and play everyday in our environment.


How do we achieve all this? We take Grommies of any ability, aged 7-18, with any experience from zero to hero and coach them in a variety of outdoor activities. Based in gorgeous Brighton and in the X-Ten Gym we have all these activities at our fingertips. We can run surf classes from a number of safe spots along the beach, land surfing classes on some of the smoothest surfaces in town, SUP sessions right on the river or in the estuary, wakeboarding at a variety of awesome locations, skating in Thompson Park, slacklining, walking, running and exploring. Coaching includes rotating circuits, practice, progressions, development, video analysis and feedback, all to ensure goals are achieved.

We are lucky to be coupled with X-Ten Gym, a purpose built indoor training facility which includes olympic trampolines, ramps, slacklines, lecture theatre and more (click here for more info). Sessions are run out in our environment and in our gym.

Art and music are an important part of our environment and our programme. With us are some great designers, musicians, and artists; regular jam sessions are a staple on our purpose built stage, plus beach, natural, and street art is all taught as part of our programme.


Not only do Grommies learn how to surf, skate, slackline and become killer shredders we ensure they will also learn about the environment we live in. Utilizing the natural environment in our community; a large part of our programme teaches participants about how to respect, understand and care for the environment. To establish a connection with the resources the earth provides us. Grommies learn about beach and ocean processes such as rips, tides, longshore drift, berms, dunes and vegetation from some of New Zealand’s leading experts. We are lucky to have awesome representatives from a variety of community groups come and talk to our grommies about different aspects of our environment.


Coupled with outdoor activities and learning about our environment the third part of our programme is personal health and well-being. Through fitness and activities we teach the importance of a healthy lifestyle. And by teaming up with one of Christchurch’s leading cafes we ensure all Grommies understand the importance of fuelling themselves to get the most out of the environment and how to look after themselves.


Activities include and are in no way limited to:
Land surfing 


Term Programme

One afternoon a week inside in our X-Ten Gym base
Grommies (7-12 yrs) – 5:00pm – 6:30pm (Tuesdays)
Rookies (10-18 yrs) – 5:00pm – 6:30pm (Tuesdays)


One afternoon a week outside from our Brighton Base
Grommies & Rookies (7-18 yrs) – 5:00pm – 7:00pm (Wednesdays)

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We run 3 clinics a season, come to as many 3 Day Beach Clinicss, run during summer school holidays, as you wish:
3 Day School Holiday Clinicss from $299.99

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Typical Clinic day

9:30am – Meet at Brighton Base or X-Ten Gym
9:30am – Warm-up and goal setting
9:45am – Morning session
12:00pm – Lunch 
12:45pm – Afternoon session
2:15pm – Warm-down and discussion
2:30pm – Pickup from Brighton Base or X-Ten Gym

Check out our What’s On page for Term & Camp dates.